Fibromyalgia and bruising: effects of an invisible disease

Fibromyalgia does not cause bruising?

Some days are better than others for those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Bad days can make you feel as if you’ve been hit in black and blue. The slightest touch, handshake, hug or compression can be scary, leaving the pain, the pain and the nostalgia of those you love the most. A victim of fibromyalgia is defined as follows:

Often this bruised sensation is considerably more than a sensation; They are real blues, mysterious marks on the arms, legs, hips and various parts of the body. I lived that myself yesterday.

During my facial cleansing once a night, I went to dry my face and just under my left eye, it was an unpleasant bleus. I had not touched my face or rubbed my eyes with unnecessary pressure, at least not enough to cause bruising, it was still not to be seen.

Bruising and sensitive skin

It is estimated that between 70% and 80% of people with fibromyalgia suffer from skin complications related to their disease. In addition to skin problems, these problems often aggravate the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

In addition to the extra pain, which can be unattractive, and cause some people with FM to withdraw from social events. It seems easier to stay at home with the humiliation or embarrassment of trying to clarify things.

The two most common skin problems are:

Delicate    skin   : As mentioned earlier, many people with fibromyalgia report that their skin really hurts their skin. Called allodynia, this sensitive skin can cause many difficulties, from pain to swelling, to bruises and scars. Although the reasons for this delicate skin remain unknown to doctors, scientists and researchers, it is assumed that allodynia could be the direct result of dysfunction of the central nervous system of the brain. Fibromyalgia prevents the brain from properly understanding the pain signals, which can give the skin a feeling of pain and sensitivity to touch.

Eruptions   : A fibromyalgia rash often develops in the body as a result of dry, irritated skin. These rashes look like bumps on the skin and can sometimes be scaly and rough to the touch. Some patients have observed that after rubbing these parts, even slightly, deep bruising occurs during a day and sometimes several weeks.

Where do these unexplained bruises come from?

For a patient with FM, the pain is a normal event, so that from time to time, a blow to the leg, a tip of the toe or a pinch of the finger can not continue because it has been reported that this would be the case by someone who would not do it. Treats pain on a daily basis Pain is one of the causes of a problem or abnormality requiring care. However, if pain is a part of daily life, there may be some incidents that do not occur until the sudden appearance of a mysterious bruise.

Some of the most obvious reasons for hits, and why they seem to come out of nowhere, include:

Sickness   : Because of the loss of movement sometimes, people with fibromyalgia find that they are more clumsy than in the past. An imbalance (imbalance in your inner ear) can cause dizziness and vertigo that can even tremble and hit furniture and walls. This could explain some of the bruises that do not even count until later.

Fibro-fog   : Due to chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, constant pain, vitamin deficiencies, etc., FM patients suffer from amnesia, clarity of mind, and so on. It is likely that some accidents of the day that may have caused bruising have been forgotten.

Sleep deprivation   : Due to lack of sleep, muscle repair is not a good thing for people with fibromyalgia. As a result, the muscles take longer to recover and regenerate after a micro-injury or trauma, each person on a daily basis.

How to face

If you have easy bruising every day, you can take some helpful steps to reduce the risk of skin and muscle trauma. If you are entangled in other distressing events, use clothing protection.

If you kneel, put padding under your knees and legs. If you are working with arms relaxed on a desk or counter, place a soft cloth or cushion under your arms. Avoid activities that lead to hard knocks.

If the contusion is caused by a rash or itchy skin, check with your doctor about creams or ointments to combat the need for scratching, thus avoiding the likely appearance of bruising.

In addition, oral medication may need to be adjusted for serious contusion; But do not stop taking medications or supplements without first talking to your doctor. If bruising becomes serious, there may be another underlying condition; inform your doctor of significant variations.

Finally, enjoy extreme care. There are things that can not be avoided. Do not mentally exhaust yourself for physical conditions beyond your control. Make changes that can be complacent and of yourself and things that can not be avoided.

Do everything you can to enjoy each day and enjoy pleasant moments in your day, no matter how serious. There is a life apart from asthma attacks, regular pain and irritation. Continue to press.

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