Cannabis Advocate Dr. Bob is Pissed That After All Of The Research Out There We’re Still Not Saying ‘Cannabis Treats Cancer’

Dr. Bob Melamede is a key cannabis advocate with doctoral degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. His computer has 13,000 cannabis research articles on it, 1000 of which demonstrate the anti-cancer power of cannabis. That pisses him off.

There’s an interesting human condition that we all suffer from that’s known as bias. It can take one word and our brains will rapidly generate the imagery, vocabulary, and ideas behind our biases. For example: ‘stoner.’

I know what you saw in your mind: an overweight, 20’s-something male sitting on a beat-up couch in his parent’s basement watching TV and eating Cheetos. It’s so heavily ingrained into our bias that even, I, an advocate for plant justice, sees that image when I hear that word.

However, that is not the reality of most people’s lives who consume cannabis. Do those types of ‘stoners’ exist? Sure, but the overwhelming majority of stoners use cannabis as a medicine, as a tool to improve their lives, and are happy, healthy, fully-functioning adults who contribute to society on a daily basis.

Consider a very interesting fellow who is widely known as Dr. Bob. Bob Melamede has a doctoral degree in biochemistry and molecular genetics. Would you expect that he also consumes enough cannabis each day to plant most consumers on their faces? Probably not, but his story is one of reality, compared to the bias of what a ‘stoner’ looks like.

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Image credit: Toke Signal

Dr. Bob is an advocate for cannabis, a leader in an industry that’s long been held underground, and a man with a passion for healing with plants. The charismatic, well-thought, mustachioed gentlemen believes the endocannabinoid systemexists in our bodies for a good reason. He says that ‘he’s always wanted to know what life is,’ and through that pursuit, he has discovered the vast importance of our endocannabinoid system. He speaks to its importance within a number of our homeostatic systems:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscular
  • Digestion
  • Stress responses
  • And more

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